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WELCOME TO THE ZONE (Please Read First Before Posting)

Posted: Wed Feb 08, 2012 9:15 pm
by bakersfieldpethead
The greatest place for Petheads to talk about their favorite Christian Rock Band. When posting at The Zone please remember a few things:

A: Petra fans, or Petheads come from a variety of different countries and backgrounds. Even if we don’t agree with each other, we must respect each other when it comes to opinions.

B: This board was created for all Petra fans, not for your soap box or pulpit. Some apply their faith very seriously, some to a lesser degree. This varies according to member, denomination or country.

1: Spamming commercial messages is not permitted in messages or subjects.
2: Consistent misuse of forums to promote an agenda. For example, if you dislike a certain song and repeatedly plaster your opinion to every post, thereby disrupting the discussion, your posts will be viewed as spamming.

TROLLING - difficult to define but easy to spot
1: Trolling involves disrupting a thread by posting messages that are off-topic, rude, inciting etc. Sometimes topics may veer off course for one reason or another, but when an individual member repeatedly disrupts threads in a negative fashion, that member will be warned.
2: Trolling also includes creating new threads for the purpose of starting flame wars.

1: Some discussions can become heated; we will not tolerate members insulting each other in the public forums. Likewise, any racial, denomination, ethnic, gender-based insults or other personal discriminations are not permitted. The strength of your argument goes out the window once you resort to personal attacks. If you find that you often get angry when discussing a certain topic, then it might be wise to avoid public forums.
2: Sending a personal attack in a private message is viewed the same as a post on a forum.

1: Links to obscene or explicit material is not permitted. The same goes for profanity (this one is a doozy as the definition can vary by culture).
2: Links or threads promoting the downloading or file sharing of copyrighted material is not permitted.

These rules are intended to maintain the free flow of ideas and speech at The Petra Zone while also protecting the board members. Violations could result in posts being edited or deleted. In the case of repeated violations a member could be banned from The Petra Zone.