Winter jam

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Winter jam

Post by cvs2kids » Fri Mar 01, 2019 9:40 am

Just a query.

I looked at the line-up and it seemed like quite the show.

BUT, I see the show starts at 7:00 with 5-6 acts planned, plus a speaker.

Has anyone gone? Do the Newsboys take more than an hour or is it a quick "best of" performance?

Too far to go, just made me wonder.

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Re: Winter jam

Post by gman » Sat Mar 02, 2019 10:45 am

I've been several times and it has varied. I believe it actually starts earlier. A few of the artists are part of the preshow.
The do a preshow as people are still filing in. Then there is the official welcome and the first band. But really not the first band because a few of the artists listed already appeared on the preshow.
Some years, most artists have gotten a short set, like 4 to 5 songs at the most, while the headliner got a longer slot. Other years they have basically had multiple headliners, all getting a shorter set. A couple years ago they had Red who got a decent amount of time. They had quite the stage set up with pyro and stuff. They had a speaker while Red's stuff was being cleared off. Then they had an intermission while they set up for Crowder. He had a stage setup that looked like the front of a Cracker Barrel restaurant. It seemed like it took forever to set it up. He wasn't the headliner either. They had to clear all that off, and I believe For King and Country was last.

I'm hoping Newsboys get a long slot. The regular United Tour was a decent slot for the current band, a transition to the old band for a similar slot, current band returning for a few more songs, then the closing song with all the guys.
My guess is that they will have to cut a few songs at Winter Jam. I did see a youtube clip where they did the same transition as the United tour. Plus Winter Jam is a pretty long night. It's like going to one of the summer festivals where the headliner goes on pretty late, and the end is well after 11:00 pm, maybe even a lot later.

I will say that I went to another similar event where Newsboys was the headliner. They didn't have all the really involved stage setups, and they did a much faster job of getting the artists on and off. I find Winter Jam to be pretty tiring.
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