Anyone else NOT in the Christmas spirit?

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Post by St_Augustines_Pears » Thu Dec 17, 2009 3:30 am

sue d. wrote:That would be a long, hard battle.
And expensive to boot. To even get anything started, most lawyers will ask for no less than $1000.00 as a retainer. To me, that'a a huge amount of money...of which I am in very short supply.
sue d. wrote:You must prove that the one parent is unfit and being with that person is detrimental to the child.
Sometimes even that isn't enough. And with the cutbacks that Gov. Culver has requested to balance the state budget, things are going to get worse. DHS/Child Protective Services employees are spread too thin as it is.
sue d. wrote:Like Shell said - be careful when it comes to confrontations. If you make any type of physical contact, even if the other person well deserves it - the cops can give YOU a fine, not to mention a trip downtown to cool off in a nice, quiet room with a little bitty window.
Oh, believe me...I'm quite careful about that. I would never do anything to break the law. In fact, when I went over to talk to him, I brought along a friend as a witness, so that my ex and her boyfriend couldn't fake a story to the police.
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sue d.
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Post by sue d. » Thu Dec 17, 2009 9:48 am

Good thinking on that one, Pears! Sounds like you have a cool head on your shoulders and are in control.

Divorce is always hard... that's why God said he hates it so much. But sometimes it just has to be done, and God surely knows the circumstances surrounding the decision.
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Post by knotodiswrld » Sun Feb 14, 2010 5:31 pm

Pears, how is this situation going?
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Re: Anyone else NOT in the Christmas spirit?

Post by Diehardpetrafan:) » Sun Dec 15, 2019 3:17 pm

I read this a few months ago, and although I'm definitely not feeling quite that way, I'm afraid to be visited by those ghosts too. . . Not feeling very Christmassy either. I do hope your situation has definitely turned out for the better these nine almost ten years later, though!

Best wishes for everyone else, especially Pears! :roll: 8)
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