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Various projects...

Posted: Wed Jan 04, 2012 9:28 pm
by Masada1
I'm involved in several projects at any given time. Here are links to pages to the two that I am most active with:

Torn Veil
Torn Veil is a Christian heavy metal project based out of Indianapolis, IN. We've been around since 2000 and got back together last year after a six year hiatus. I hope to record some new material later this year.

The Encounter
The Encounter is my solo worship project. All of the writing is done either by myself or by a friend of mine who is a worship leader in MI. The membership is a bit of revolving door as it is made up of whichever of my buddies are available at the time. This is another situation where I hope to record some more later this year.

I am also in the process of starting a new country group with a buddy of mine...we'll see if that gets off the ground.

Music is just a part of my life and I love singing and writing. We'll see what the future holds!