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Post by LivingRock » Wed Nov 13, 2013 12:15 pm

Well, for the first time I think I actually have a right to post in this forum, LOL!

I just wanted to share with ya'll how excited I am to be in the studio with my worship team, creating our first album. Of course, this is going to be just a locally-done CD, not professional by any means, but it gives me such a rush to be "in the studio" with the boys, planning our CD release party, lining up a photographer, listening to the rough mixes, and all the stuff that comes with creating an album.

We'll be doing an "unplugged/acoustic" style album, and we're recording vocals and guitars all together, exactly as we perform on stage, to give the album kind of a "live" feel. It's a little more complicated because it means we have to get everything right, every time... if one person goofs we all have to do it again, but it's working very well for us. We want people to hear the same thing on a CD that they would when they see us at church on Sunday morning and at coffeehouses and jamborees and such, so you have three guitars and four voices (three male and one female, which is me) and a bit of keyboard bass to add some depth and keep it from sounding too flat, as acoustic albums can be.

Any thoughts or tips from you "studio/recording experts"? Who remembers their first time in the studio and what it was like?

I'll probably be posting more once we get the album art finished, some official band photos to release, and we're planning to release a single (or two) on Youtube as samples.

For anyone wondering what style we play, we do covers of some modern worship songs (albeit in a VERY different style) some hymns that we've re-arranged, some original stuff, and some old rock and roll songs, so there's a good eclectic mix. We also have a bit of a quartet feel and focus a lot on tight harmonies and vocal styles. Sounds like a conglomeration but it works for us!

Our "working title" is Driftwood Cross: I Wanna Be Free.
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